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Positive Dog Training

Helping people and dogs live their best lives together
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Dog Training Classes

Classes meet at Dog Country, 425 Tullar Rd., Neenah, WI 54956

How to register for a class 

Choose one of the buttons below to register for a class online or register for classes over the phone by calling Kim at 920-850-1409.


About Me


Hi, I'm Kim Diloreto, a certified canine behavior consultant (CBCC-KA) and accredited dog trainer (CCTBS). For more than twenty years I've been volunteering and working with dogs and their people both in shelters and rescues and in forever homes.


I am a behavior specialist for the ASPCA's Behavioral Sciences Team. I rehabilitate extremely fearful and anxious dogs. I help them build confidence so they can be adopted. I also deploy with the ASPCA and with other national animal organizations to care for dogs rescued from abuse and disasters. 


Before the pandemic I offered in-home canine behavior consulting services to help people understand and modify their dog's unwanted behaviors (excessive barking, destructive chewing, guarding toys and food). I offer similar help and advice to the students in my group classes whenever possible.


I can't wait to meet you and your dog and to help you live your best lives together!

Enrollment limited to 8 dogs and their people.

Classes meet at Dog Country's puppy day care facility in Neenah.

Student learn how to teach their dogs basic obedience commands using positive, reward-based methods.

Classes are available for dogs of all ages.

The focus is on helping people:

  • teach their dogs new things.

  • understand why their dogs behave the way they do.

  • socialize their dogs.

ABout Dog Training Classes

Kim hugging three dogs
Kim at BRC training

Kim at the ASPCA's Behavioral Rehabilitation Center . (The center is featured in the award-winning documentary "Second Chance Dogs." WATCH IT NOW

April (and Sebastian)
“You are a delight and a blessing!...Good strategies to implement and support for the ones I'm already using. And a sense of humor helps, too!"
Chris (and Banjo)
"Kim is very knowledgeable and patient. She is easy to understsand and confide in."
Jodi (and Watson)
“Thank you so much!! I can see changes already in him.”
David and Jane (and Willow)

 "Willow has really settled down!"

Joanna (and Cagney)

“You reviewed our situation with such empathy and compassion. I am SO glad I found someone as special as you.”

Kay, Neenah Animal Shelter
“I've worked with Kim for many years. Neenah Animal Shelter has used Kim to evaluate and train many of our dogs. She is very respectful and gentle with our dogs. She also gives great instruction to our staff on behavioral training tips. Above all else she has a great love for animals.”


Jen (and Maggie)
"After our training session, we noticed how well Maggie was responding to the things you taught us. I like talking to you, and truly enjoyed learning from you in our conversations."
Karen, Dodge County Humane Society

"Thank you Kim - your training is invaluable and I was so pleased to see how both Duke and Daisy have progressed from where they both were...and how they responded to you!"

contact me


Contact me with questions or for more information about dog training classes.

Thank you for emailing!

Classes meet at Dog Country, 425 Tullar Rd., Neenah, Wisconsin 54956.

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